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About us

Winning Mood is establish in 1986 and has grown out to a multi disciplined sporting event organization.

Winning Mood can help you with your development of teams, players, coaches, with setting up training camps and orgaizing friendly matches. With an extensive background in coaching, teaching coaches, tour and training camp organization we can be of assistance for any player, team, coach, club or Academy.

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Besides the owner Jeroen the Hoop, assisted by the founder of Winning Mood Ton de Hoop, the Winning Mood staff exists of, depending on the activities organized during the year, 4-8 employees. They work abroad on projects that Winning Mood has been asked for, e.g. in Greece and the USA and in the Netherlands mainly to assist teams that want us to run their training camp in the summer.

Owner of Winning Mood since 2017, professor at CIOS in Arnhem and instuctor at KNVB, and partly responsible for the training course UEFA B and C. Jeroen is a great initiator in the organization of expanding activities such as organizing tournaments, setting up training camps and the establishment of exchange programs with training programs abroad for students of CIOS.


Ton de Hoop

Founder (1986) and advisor (2017) of Winning Mood, former professor CIOS Arnhem and instructor at KNVB for the UEFA A and B license.

Team Winning Mood

C 8 Training Universitatea Craiova (002)


In cooperation with tournament organizations worldwide Winning Mood offers tournaments in 5 countries in Europe.  These tournaments have all a very good reputation and are well organized.

Ages that can participate are from U19- till U9 boys and girls.

Teams can sign up for every level from not selected amateur teams till top professional teams.  In cooperation with the team coach we will find the right tournament for your team.

We represent tournaments in the Netherlands, Greece, Italy, Denmark and in England.

For more information please contact us.

veld Chateau

Training camps

Since 2012 Winning Moods organizes training camps in the Netherlands for professional and amateur, teams from all over the world.

Together with our travel and hotel partners we can run your camp from arriving at the airport till depart from the airport. Accommodations from 4/5star till simple group accommodations can be offered.

During the camp friendly matches or small tournaments can be implemented in the program. We can offer games at any level from professional clubs till small amateur teams. This all depends on the wishes of the teams.

For more information please contact us.


Friendly matches:

For teams that travel tot he Netherlands we offer to arrange a friendly match(es). We haver direct contact with all team managers of all professional and top amateur teams to arrange a match.

This friendly match package includes:

  • transportation to and from the place the game will be played,
  • use of one or two locker rooms at the playing ground,
  • 1-3 referees,
  • Ambulance a the game field,
  • Possibility to Video analyse the match,
  • Drink and snack after the game.


For more information please contact us.

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Winning Mood sees throughout the year during several visits to organizations, clubs, football conventions and tournaments numerous players of every level and of every age group.

Winning Mood gathers the best players  to give them a chance to play at a higher level. Players will be trained and selected to play in  tournaments where scouts worldwide will be invited by Winning Mood to come and watch these players to see if they are interested to have players of this group come and play with their professional club.

A second option Winning Mood works with is to see talented players play in their own club, talk to those players and parents and try to find individual try outs for these players so they can see what their level is compared with players who are already part of a professional organization.

If you are a coach who has a player with a lot of talent you can always contact us here. We can see what we can do for you to give this players more opportunities to prepare himself to try out for a higher playing level.

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